About Us

My name is Kevin Simpson, I started Right Guns LLC after the Chattanooga shooting. It hit very close to home because I use to live about three miles from where it happened. With the Charleston shooting and the Umpqua shooting, I realized that if someone was a concealed carry person, lives would have been saved. I also thought it may be, because people could not afford a gun. I set out to put together package deals that includes a small gun and gear for someone to practice with their gun.

I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2006, after close to 25 years of service (actually 24 years, 9 months). I was attached to a Law Enforcement detachment and fought the drug war in the Caribbean, Venezuela and Columbia. I was deployed to the North Red Sea during the first Gulf War and did some time in Bosnia. I was a defensive tactics instructor and trained thousands of people on Use of Force and how to protect themselves.

I am a Certified USCCA Instructor.

When I retired from the Coast Guard I started a business called Marine Engine Maintenance, Inc. I did almost exclusively government contracts working on the 87’ Patrol Boats. I did the top end overhaul for the MTU (German) engines. I traveled all over the country with my 44’ enclosed car hauler trailer, which I converted to a machine shop. That web site is www.87engines.com if you want some background on what I did. With the sequestration and other budget cutbacks that business has been very slow. It also required me to do most of the work. If anything happened to me the business would have to shut down. 

My goal for Right Guns is to provide responsible  people with the opportunity to get guns for self-defense at a reasonable price. At the same time I offer guns for every person, from the seasoned hunter to a first time gun owner. I offer over 300,000 products. I carry everything from ammunition to sleeping bags, fishing supplies, including archery and all outdoor sports except anything that uses a ball.